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MineCraft (TailsCraft)

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We run our very own MineCraft server, and would like to invite you to join in with us. If you like a good challenge and can build your way to success, then this is the game for you. You can download MineCraft through the MineCraft website @: http://www.minecraft.net - Please be aware, that MineCraft will have rules and regulations set out on their site, so please read carefully.


Our server is: irc.tailschat.net

Port #: 25565 (Default MineCraft Port) - Optional, as you don't really need to enter it.


-Happy Crafting ;)

Featured Crafts

By joining our MineCraft server, you must abide by the rules, as follows:


-Be respectful to other players builds.

-Griefing is not allowed, and will get you banned.

-No asking for Op/Special powers.

-If any builds offend you, please stay away from that area.

-Any world / level, which is set to a specific game-mode, will NOT be changed, these are set 'as is'.

-Do NOT abuse any special permissions you have been given.

-Our worlds may contain region settings, which belong to other players, so if you find you cannot build in a certain location, try another location.

Our Rules

TailsCraft - LIVE!

If you'd like to join our live stream on TailsCraft, please connect to the following server, whilst this stream is still running, and become famous :P


To connect, use:


Server: irc.tailschat.net

Port: 25565


You will appear live (in-game).


Hope to see you there ;)

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