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Meet The Staff, Here on Tails Chat

Welcome, fellow visitor, we like to introduce ourselves and explain, what each of us staff members roles are.

Tails - (Owner)

Jules - (Admin / Staff Manager)

DoMe - (Co-Owner) - Retired!

Josh - (Admin) - Retired!

I first started Tails Chat back in 2004, as a private server, after admining on a previous one. I have always tried my hardest, to bring the most out of our services.


Favourite Quote: Many friends help me out, In return I help them.

I am the staff moderator / manager, I look after, hiring and promoting staff on the server. Outside the server I am a PSW (Personal Support Worker). where I look after the elderly. In my spare time, I like to play MineCraft, and chase my two-tailed fox around on there.

I received my admin on Tails Chat, after rescuing it from destruction back in early 2013.

In my spare time I like to Play League Of Legends. I have 7 cats, but only one is mine.

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hi everyone, im DoMe, aka richy and i am co-owner here on tails. i enjoy a number of site related activities including working on the tails-chat radio, where i regularly play samples of my own music as well as a wide variety of other genres. when im not there i can usually be found hanging around with the girls julie and stacey and of course miles, the site owner. im here to assist anyone who may be having technical issues or needs advice on how to get the best out of their chatting experience.