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Help connecting through IRC

To connect through IRC


Download mIRC:


Tails Chat is not responsible for the following of external web links


Setup mIRC

Once installed, run mIRC and press Alt+E, click the picture to enlarge preview.


This process is not needed for new installations (unless you've instructed mIRC not to show the connect dialog on startup).


Basic Information Needed

mIRC requires you enter a nickname and alternative nickname.

Some servers also require a Real Name and a email address.

Click picture to enlarge


Add Server Details

Please fill out the boxes in the add dialog, to connect to Tails Chat.

See preview image, or if you don't want to add our server to this list, you can either add it via a script or manually type the following into the chat box: /server -m irc.tailschat.net 6667 (-m = Opens New Window)


Select & Connect

From the servers list, locate our entry and select it, then click the [Select] button. This will activate our server and store your password (if entered), so you won't have to enter it each time you connect


All Ready To Go!

That's It! - You should be good to go, with our server...

If you still have trouble connecting, please ask a member of staff for assistance. If you are happy to allow our staff to connect remotely to your computer to help, then you can download our support app. (Provided by: Teamviewer)

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