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Having Trouble?... Here's Our FAQ's

I'm trying to get on with Java, but it says: Expired/Invalid certificate?

Our java certificate has expired, and the cost of replacement can be expensive, so I have decided to remove the java login applet and move to our new LightIRC clients, which can be accessed via the 'CHAT' link on this website.

The chat won't load via the 'CHAT' link on the website?

Our chat applets work on LightIRC (A Flash-Based Applet), which requires FlashPlayer to function. You can download FlashPlayer from the Adobe Website, below. After installation, come back to the site, click 'CHAT' then hit the buttons with the [color] names on them. Click red 'F' to download FlashPlayer:


I can't login with my username & password, why is this?...

Whilst every effort is made to ensure our chatters have an enjoyable experience here, there are some things we need to abide by too, these include the registrations of usernames & passwords of users, therefore, if a username is already taken, we can't de-register it without the requested information @ the time. If a username is in use, please seek an alternative one. If you have recently registered, but forgot the password, please ask a member of staff for assistance.