Email Rules




-Communicate freely with other people, via email. This includes, both internal and external email domains.



-Use the email for Internet Banking Services.
-Use the email to signup, to newsletters outside of the Tails Chat Network.
-Signup to social media sites (e.g.: FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc...).
-Signup, to gambling websites (includes free leisure games).
-Pose as a member of staff, or trick another user into believing so.
-Use the service, to email code, which may hack/destroy a computer/service.
-Email obscene images, or images of an upsetting nature.
-Register or attempt to register, more than one email address.
-Use your email, to buy/sell items, on any buy/sell/auction sites (e.g.: ebay, amazon etc...).
-Use the email service, for scamming/attempting to scam users.

Reason(s) & Responsibilities:

Your identity, could be leaked; if you decide, you no longer want your ''-
as another user, may want to register, that address.

You are responsible, for telling third-parties, that you have changed/removed your email address.


-You can close your email account, at any time and for whatever reason; via p2p, with TCEmail .
-You can change your email address, by seeking administrative assistance. Your old email address, can be re-used, by another user.
-You can change the password, for your email account, via p2p, with TCEmail .
-You can Enable/Disable your account, for the purposes of Vacation time; via p2p, with TCEmail .



-We may terminate/suspend your account, if you are in breach, of these terms or there is reason to suspect fraudulent activity.
-Tails Chat Network Services, may remove the email service at any time, but will inform you first.
-Upon service termination, you will be offered the chance, to back-up all your important emails & attachments (if any).


Our Legal Right:


We have a legal right, to withhold any email account, we deem to be commiting an offence (e.g.: Attemtping to scam other users finacially, or otherwise), both on and off the service.

We will hold this information, or forward it to local authorities (as/if required, by law).