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Welcome to our New Look Site. We have brought you this new site, to provide our users with more features, plus fan-based images, games, blogs and more. Please stay tuned for more great Tails content

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Welcome to our new site

Here, at Tails Chat, we are always looking for ways to improve our services. The site is currently under construction, therefore, some parts of the site have not yet been completed, and will be completed (in course). If you have any suggestions or additions you would like to see on the tailschat.net website:

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As time progresses, we will be adding more games to this website, plus chat options (i.e.: different color applets).  We host our own MineCraft server, where everyone is welcome. Our current version is: 1.7.2


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MineCraft Sound Fix mc-copy.bat


Sound Fix

I have created two files, to get MineCraft working again. One is the MineCraft Sound Fix 'mc-legacy.exe' and the other is a directory path copier 'mc-copy.bat'.

it will copy the %userprofile% path, to the .minecraft directory, to the windows clipboard. Enjoy! ;)



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